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Get on the time machine and travel the world of music. Meet all the heroes of your childhood. Let the endless loop *beep* your brain. Share it with your friends. They will love or hate you for hours. Let’s play with NFTs!

NFT Collection by Dr. Earwig - All Stars (CTR-AS-01)

100 unique NFTs
+ limited backside cover 100/100

We first met Dr. Earwig in a subway passage on the way from Potsdamer Platz to the catacombs of the Berlin “Palast der Republik” solo performing songs from our “Catchy Tune Radio – Season All Stars” playlist on spotify.

The maximum abstraction of what you see and what you hear, triggers your synapses and starts a game in your head. We call it the Ping-Pong-Earwig-Effect.

Start by playing your NFT and see what kind of reactions it evokes in you and those around you.

Diggin the chain.