The New Fun Trade Gallery wants to re-think the understanding of art.

The www. globalisation at the end of the 1990s brought superior governing principles of cultural controversaries into a general understanding of national aesthetics. We are not undergoing the expected change in direction in our understanding of values.
The international network of ethos, application, mediation and transitional structures has been able to reach a reference point of self-understanding in the present.
The most recent point of evaluation the market offers are NFTs, determined by a decentralised ownership allocation, with a certificate as its basis. This example of attribution and starting point in trade has already conquered the art world. According to www.new-fun-trade.com this definitively new description carries its own artistic language within.

The founding members Christian Bucher (creative application) and Klaus Büsen (art and concept) are equal partners and offer a new perspective on the art of the 2020s. The not materialised momentum, as a work of art, is harboured in the power of association of its beholder. This starting point relates to all of our offers with the concession of imaginary unveiling by means of given sensory forces.

This self-referential basis for action is currently being distributed though blockchain and auction platforms. Our artworks are decentralised, updated databases with a network-generated mechanism of consensus for the permanent digital securitisation of individual ownership.

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